SH-820HD S2

  • Digital Signal Finder

    Ø Support S/S2

    Ø Support VCM/ACM mode

    Ø Support QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK, 32APSK

    Ø Compatible with S、S2、CBS MPEG-4 and ABS-S Signal

    Ø Automatically identify S/S2 signals

    Ø 3.5 Inch HD TFT LCD screen

    Ø MPEG-2/4/AVS plus/ HEVC/H.265 decoding video format and 1080P Full HD

    Ø Easy operation OSD design

    Ø Quick satellite signal finding

    Ø Program play、video monitoring

    Ø Quick satellite antenna installation

    Ø Global satellite data preset

    Ø Satellite parameters editable

    Ø Support DISEqC1.0、DISEqC1.1

    Ø Easy operation DISEqC1.2、USALS OSD design

    Ø Multiple satellites/TPs scan、blind scan

    Ø Display POWER、BER、MER、C/N、NIT value

    Ø Sound prompt when signal locked

    Ø Signal locked indicating light

    Ø 13/18 volts indicating lights

    Ø 22KHz indicating light

    Ø LNB short-circuit protection and warning

    Ø Audio and video input

    Ø HDMI1.4 output

    Ø Button with lights

    Ø Professional shock protects case

    Ø Upgrade software & parameters through U disk

    Ø Support USB PVR, MP3, JPG photo playback

    Ø Removable battery design

    Ø High capacity LI-ION battery 11.1V 3000mA

    SH-820HD S2 User Manual

    TP List Of SH-400HD,SH-800HD,SH-810HD,SH-900HD,SH-910HD

    TP List

    How to edit satellite parameter

    Edit satellite parameters

    Update for SH-400/500/800/810/900/910HD

    Update for SH-400/500/810HD

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