HDMI Audio Extractor

  • This hdmi audio splitter can extract the audio signal embedded in HDMI sources and convert it to 3.5 mm analog audio output and SPDIF output at the same time. The SPDIF out supports both 2 CH audio and 5.1 CH audio including Dolby Digital 5.1 CH and DTS 5.1 CH

    Ø HDMI resolutions: 4K*2K 30Hz 

    Ø 5V Power support (Adapter optional)

    Ø Input ports: 1*HDMI, 1*Type-c power port

    Ø Output ports: 1*HDMI, 1*SPDIF (optical), 1*3.5 mm jack

    Ø 24/50/60/1080P/1080i/720p/576p/576i/480p/480i

    Ø Supported color formats: 24 bit/deep color 30 bit, 36 bit

    Ø Max bandwidth: 225 MHz

    Ø Max baud rate: 6.74 Gbps

    Ø Max working current: 190 mA

    Ø Audio and video can be converted from the HDMI output

    Ø 2CH mode: Extract digital 2CH PCM stereo audio signal from the HDMI input. HDMI/SPDIF and L/R output stereo audio

    Ø 5.1 CH Mode: Extract 5.1 Dolby Digital/DTS and output via SPDIF.

    Packaging :

    Ø 1* HDMI Audio Extractor

    Ø 1*Type-c cable


    Ø Device does not support Dolby Digital Plus audio. It supports DTS audio and Dolby Digital audio

    HDMI Audio Extractor



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