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SH-800HD DVB-S2 SAT Finder

Digital Satellite Finder

ø dvb-s/s2
ø demodulation qpsk, 8psk, 16apsk, 32apsk
ø compatible with dvb-s、dvb-s2、cbs mpeg-4 and abs-s signal              
ø spectrum analyzer
ø 3.5 inch hd tft lcd screen  
ø mpeg-2/mpeg-4/h.264 decoding video format and 1080 full hd
ø multi-purpose design
ø easy operation osd design
ø quick satellite signal finding
ø program play、video monitoring
ø quick satellite antenna installation
ø global satellite data preset
ø satellite parameters editable
ø support diseqc1.0、diseqc1.1
ø easy operation diseqc1.2、usals osd design
ø multiple satellites/tps scan、blind scan and nit scan
ø display power、ber、mer、c/n、nit value
ø sound prompt when signal locked
ø signal locked indicating light
ø 13/18 volts indicating lights
ø 22khz indicating light
ø lcd backlight turns off automatically
ø lnb short-circuit protection and warning
ø audio and video input/output
ø hdmi output
ø upgrade software & parameters through rs232, usb2.0
ø support usb pvr, mp3, jpg photo playback
ø removable battery design
ø high capacity li-ion battery (2550ma), can last around 3 hours
ø length x width x height: 17.5 x 12.5 x 3.5 cm
ø weight:  0.55kg
ø gross weight:  1.0kg
ø carton size:53.5*37*21.5cm (10 pieces for one carton)
ø weight:12kg

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